Stories  of  Transformation

January 5, 2011 @ 4:26 PM
posted by Zarrin Caldwell

Gergo Nagy; from Gnome Art

Quite a few of my friends want to see “stories of transformation” on this site and I would love to feature more of those. I think this will happen in time, but it is sometimes difficult to unearth these stories from the grassroots. Most of my information at the beginning of this venture is still coming from international non-governmental organizations. Sadly, I am not in a position to make trips all over the world myself to collect these stories—wouldn’t that be nice?! I rely on the Internet and Skype calls to do most of my research, but am aware that so many people are still without such access. As part of the models featured on the site, I’d love input on getting more of those critical “heartfelt” stories! Do you have experience with the models featured to date in Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, the Philippines, or the DRC? Add them to this blog!

2 Responses to “Stories  of  Transformation”

  1. white cloud says:

    Hi, Zarrin.
    i love your site and your blog.
    On my site,, I keep soliciting stories of moral engagement, stories of individuals who have engaged themselves in the struggle for peace and justice. I would love some day to pull their stories together in a book. It is a challenge to get them. Let’s share ideas about how to get people to tell their stories. i think story-telling is a great way to get people together, if only over the internet.
    Kathie Malley-Morrison

  2. white cloud says:

    Thanks for your support Kathie!

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