The objective of the Models of Unity™ website is not to feature one-time peacebuilding, training, or interfaith forums, as critical as these are. Rather, it is meant to unearth models that demonstrate how people have come together across long-standing divides—and over a sustained period of time—to pursue initiatives that have made a measurable difference in improving the community or the lives of those around them. And, it will explore where finding common ground—especially across ethnic and religious fissures—has made a difference to advancing the spiritual, social, and economic development of a given community.

This site is not meant to “reinvent the wheel” or offer “expert advice.” It simply aims to highlight and promote models that are building bridges and, thus, bring greater attention to initiatives that have had some success and to glean some insights from them. The site represents just one small voice in a wilderness of division, but these conversations are critical to have when collaboration is the only way to solve the complex problems of our time. And, at a time when religion is often hijacked by those pursuing divisive agendas, the site will take a closer look at efforts that are integrating faith, peace, and development.


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